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Quality products that help you get it right

When you replace the windshield of a vehicle equipped with ADAS, it is your responsibility to make sure the camera and radars do their job correctly, which means to correctly interpret information on the road. You need tools for calibration, but, as important as tools, you need a high-quality windshield, with perfect shape, that will not distort vision, or misinterpret information. That’s what we offer you: high-quality windshields that will enable you to calibrate ADAS serenely. Helps you do your job as an expert.

Camera calibration

Cars are becoming increasingly ‘smarter’ as a result of the cameras and sensors that are often integrated onto the windscreen. During the replacement of automotive glazing, it’s not just about the quality of the products, but also about the correct fitting and calibration of these high-tech parts, that is just as important.

Services to help you get it right

To ensure the perfect glass fitting, Sekurit Service supplies all the necessary high quality products and training tools.


Ask about our Fitting Instructions - Manual & videos

We want to help make your fitting life easier!

Allowing you to confidently replace any windscreen according to regulations and car Manufacturers’ requirements. Why is this important? New technologies together with increased safety are shaping the future of mobility.

  • c. 1200 videos - step-by-step how to replace windscreens, camera units, sensors & sidelites
  • 3000 manuals based on Car Manufacturers’ requirements

We can also provide you with a Remote Calibration Service

Calibrate every vehicle - now you can!

Using the latest OEM tools & according to the manufacturer’s exact standards, our unique remote calibration service enables you to run diagnostics and calibrate the ADAS-systems on even the most recent car models. Our remote diagnostics interface - Sekurit Service Remote Device (SSRD) allows you to connect to our highly secure network, giving our expert operators access to the vehicle you’re working on. Using the latest OEM tools, they’ll perform the calibration for you according to the manufacturer’s exact standards. 

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