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Windscreen camera calibration and the importance of using high quality glazing products

When you replace the windshield of a vehicle equipped with ADAS, it is your responsibility to make sure the camera and radars will do the job correctly, which means that they will correctly interpret the information on the road.

You need tools for calibration, but, as important as tools, you need a high-quality windshield, with the perfect shape, that will not distort vision, and or misinterpret the information it reads. That’s what we offer to you: high-quality windshields that will enable you to calibrate ADAS without any trouble. The first time. Wasting no time. We aim to help you do your job as an expert.

Fitting Instructions - Now available in our Webshop – making your fitting life easier!

We also recently included a wealth of fitting instructions as a paid service to our webshop. We want you to be safe, confident and effective with every job you carry out – with minimum downtime and maximum efficiency. Our aim is to help you get through your day as productively as possible.

For every job, we want to help you identify the correct product, choose the right tools and have access to all the supporting information you need.

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Fitting instructions – videos and manuals

Allowing you to confidently replace any windscreen according to regulations and car Manufacturers’ requirements. Why is this important? New technologies together with increased safety are shaping the future of mobility.

Helping you to be ADAS ready!

Do you have the right information?

Do you have the right skills and tools?

We have all the information to help you in our Webshop :

900 videos - step-by-step how to replace windscreens, camera units, sensors & sidelites

3000 manuals based on Car Manufacturers’ requirements

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