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At Sekurit Service we want to help you carry out your glazing fitting job with ease, safety and efficiency. The car glazing fitting tools are here to help you install the glass correctly, safely and with ease – the first time!

To help you effectively do this we have a range of tools and equipment available to purchase from our one-stop-shop.

Windscreen Fitting Tools:

Manual suction cup

Supported suction cup

The lil buddy Heavy Duty windscreen installation tool enables a single technician to remove and install automotive glass safely and quickly on almost all vehicles.

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Windscreen Bonding solutions:

  • Primer
  • Activator
  • Sealants
  • Applicator Guns

Fitting components:

  • Clips and spacers
  • Cleaning products and materials

Sensor Repair product range

More and more vehicles are equipped with a rain-sensing wiper system. During windscreen repair and replacement, you may need to remove the sensor and then re-mount. At Sekurit Service we have all the workshop tools to help you do this in a clean, safe and precise way – and offers a low-cost way to re-use the sensors.

  • Sensor Gel
  • Sensor Pad
  • Sensor Instant Pad
  • Sensor repair Combi
  • Heating Box