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By choosing for Sekurit Service you can guarantee that when it comes to replacing an ADAS windscreen you are working with a trusted and quality product and reliable business partner.

Investing in our processes to ensure correct calibration

As well as providing you with the highest quality glazing, we’re also continuously improving our production facilities and processes in line with the complexities that ADAS brings to the market place. So that when you replace the windshield of a vehicle equipped with ADAS, the camera and radars do their job correctly, which means to correctly interpret information on the road. To do this you need a high-quality windshield, with perfect shape, that will not distort vision, or misinterpret information.

A quality windshield allowing correct fitting of the camera:

- At the right angle (windscreen curvature)

- With the right light transmission

- On the right bracket

At Sekurit Service, that’s what we offer you: high-quality windshields that will enable you to calibrate ADAS with peace of mind. Every time.

Ask about our Workshop tools and calibration equipment

To ensure the perfect glass fitting and camera calibration, Sekurit Service also supplies the necessary high quality workshop tools and calibration equipment.

Ask about our Fitting Instructions - Manual & videos

Allowing you to confidently replace any windscreen according to regulations and car Manufacturers’ requirements. We want to help make your fitting life easier – because your business matters!