OE specification standards & production standards

At Sekurit Service we manufacture replacement glazing using the same specification standards and production standards as original equipment. Thanks to Saint-Gobain’s 90-years’ experience in glazing manufacture, we master the whole end-to-end chain of quality. From R&D all the way through to the on-time delivery of the correct pieces of glazing into your stations. Same OE quality standards guaranteed. That’s our quality promise to you.

The stamp of quality

Every piece of glass produced in our factories has the quality stamp of SAINT-GOBAIN SEKURIT – giving you peace of mind for every replacement job you carry out and your customers’ peace of mind in their everyday driving experience.

Quality control – making the difference

In the automotive aftermarket all glazing is required to comply with the minimum safety standards set by the R43-regulation. But there are no standards for quality control. We think quality makes all the difference. At Sekurit Service, we have quality check points throughout whole of our production process – in our production plants through to delivery to you. From optical inspection of glass, to picking and packing and loading control. We drive quality in everything we do because your business matters.

say no to copy parts.jpg

Say no to copy parts!

Glazing has become a very important part of the body structure. More than 50% of interior noise enters through the windscreen. Using copy parts can lead to a substantial number of other issues, such as: 

  • Diminished working of windscreen wipers 
  • Structure issues, as glazing doesn’t comply with car-specs 
  • View-distortion, leading to eyestrain, fatigue and headaches 
  • Whistle and stress noise 
  • Less than perfect view, resulting in safety issues 
  • Excessive play on the mirror because of non-identical mirror bracket 
  • Identification problems, wrong VIN location and size
  • Water issues caused by inferior hardware 
  • Premature weathering and deterioration of the fitting hardware 
  • Reduced operation of driver assistance systems 

For a fitter, using copy parts can result in a non-professional and non-practical fitting of new glazing. This can affect the reputation of a fitting station. Not to mention the time and effort it takes to make the glass fit, or even the possible damage caused to the car.