Quality products that make your car glass installation easier.

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Quiet even during the rush hour
Because driving can be tiring and you need the energy to focus on the road, Saint-Gobain Sekurit has designed the dBControl glass to sharply reduce exterior and interior noises or vibrations.

Soften exterior noises
Reduce exterior noise levels in the cabin
Filter undesired noise
A calm and stressfree environment

Better ambiance
The desired sounds with higher perceived quality.

Better intelligibility
For enjoyable conversations, and cheerful moments together.

Establish a new standard for all vehicles tomorrow.
By incorporating an acoustic interlayer into laminated glass, we reduce the noise level inside the cabin by 30%. We want you to relax and enjoy a quieter drive.

Quality products that make your car glass installation easier.


Getting more from your acoustic glass

Try out one of the most well-balanced solutions ever existing, and get the benefits of a laminated glass that will enhance your acoustic comfort (reduction of noise intensity), protect you from UV rays, and provide safety thanks to its shock resistance to impacts without breaking apart (break-in prevention and enhanced protection during road accident). Lastly, it can also be lighter than traditional glass.