Sekurit Service Sustainability Roadmap

At Sekurit Service we’re truly committed to a more sustainable future for automotive glazing. 

We're proud to present our Sekurit Service Sustainability Roadmap!

It's based around our:

4 sustainability pillars, detailing 7 priorities:

1. Leader of sustainable solutions for Automotive Aftermarket

- Develop and promote eco-innovative products

- Enhance circular economy through take-back services

2. Reduce impact of our sites

- Act towards low energy consumption and carbon reduction

- Act towards waste circularity

3. Engage our employees

- Raise awareness and support our collaborators

4. Act for a more sustainable supply chain

- Develop a green supply chain

- Implement responsible purchasing

KPIs & Measurement - Achievements & Objectives

Against each of our priorities we list our quantitative objectives but also some achievements that we've already reached.


Have you been following our MADE IN EUROPE campaign?

At Sekurit Service we will do our best to make our business more sustainable from our production to distribution, including developing sustainable service for our customers.

We are truly committed to a more sustainable future for automotive glazing. Through our Made in Europe campaign you'll see just what we mean!

Follow the campaign here (click for more info):

#1 - Sekurit Service commitment to sustainability

#2 - Reducing our direct & indirect carbon emissions to zero (more about Scope 1&2) 

#3 - Reducing our emissions across the value chain (more about Scope 3)

#4 - Climate change is a collective engagement

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Sekurit Service Sustainability Roadmap

Saint-Gobain Automotive Glazing Replacement receives GOLD EcoVadis Rating

Gold Award for Saint-Gobain Glass Estonia SE Recognition by the Responsible Business Index (VEF)