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Quality windscreen calibration products that help you get it right

Cars are becoming increasingly ‘smarter’ as a result of the cameras and sensors that are often integrated onto the windscreen. During the replacement of automotive glazing, it’s not just about the quality of the glazing products, but also about the correct fitting and calibration of these high-tech parts, that is just as important.

Camera calibration

When you replace the windshield of a vehicle equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), it is your responsibility to make sure the camera and radars do their job correctly, which means to correctly interpret information on the road. The tools and equipment you need to perform your calibration are of upmost importance.

At Sekurit Service we understand this importance. As part of our one-stop-shop offer, you can also find a range of calibration equipment (software & hardware) and also remote diagnostic tools and services.


OE Quality glazing products that calibrate easily giving you peace of mind!

Sekurit Service understands that glass quality and correct glass fitting are key to the body strength of a car and the safety of its passengers.

That’s why our glazing products are designed to comply with OEM standards and enable easy calibration – peace of mind guaranteed for you as a fitter! 

To help you do this effectively and safely, we have a range of calibration and diagnostic tools and equipment available to purchase from our one-stop-shop.