Gold Award for Saint-Gobain Glass Estonia SE
Recognition by the Responsible Business Index (VEF)


Achieving the highest recognition for CSR

Organisations in Estonia have been evaluated in the Responsible Business Index for more than ten years. Our company Saint-Gobain Glass Estonia SE has participated in the index since 2015, we have consistently improved our results.

This year we achieved the gold recognition award for the first time based on the stricter evaluation methodology that came into force in 2021. Gold is the highest level of recognition that can be achieved (starting at 70 points out of 100, we achieved 75 points!)

Responsible & Sustainable

Receiving the award confirms that our company cares about its employees, the environment and the world as a whole, is responsible and sustainable. This is our contribution to the Saint-Gobain group's goal of Making The World A Better Home.

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Worth knowing - 

How are companies evaluated in the VEF index?

  • The full questionnaire of the Responsible Business Index contains principles and questions on the main topics of social responsibility of ISO 26,000, the global standard of the General Reporting Initiative (GRI), recommendations for communicating topics of responsibility and the Estonian legal space.
  • The index helps to thoroughly understand the social responsibility of your organisation in environmental, social and economic dimensions (ESG - environmental, social, governance). 
  • The index distinguishes two size categories: micro and small enterprises and medium and large enterprises are evaluated together. 
  • Points are awarded in the category of:
    --> governance and ethics
    --> activities directed towards the natural environment, market environment and employees and working environment.
  • Answering questions is accompanied by detailed explanations and presentation of evidence.

About VEF Index

The leader of responsible business in Estonia is the NGO Responsible Enterprise Forum (VEF). The purpose of the organisation is to promote the way of thinking that responsible business activity is beneficial for the company, simple in practice and reputable. Based on the index, the Responsible Business Forum awards gold, silver and bronze levels to companies, which are valid for two years.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! 

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