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From January 24th you can discover a brand new website that offers a complete journey to automotive replacement glazing professionals looking for automotive glazing and accessories. 

Sekurit service, our new brand name, drove the revamp of our website. We worked on this new version with the aim of reflecting who we are and what we offer through a simple navigation. We are proud to enhance our complete support and offer: from product manufacture, distribution, services, training and fitting to customer and end user satisfaction. Being organised and staffed to serve markets on all countries, this information and news is available in multiple (or give the exact number) languages.
At every step of your business day, you can count on Sekurit Service.

Welcome to, we’re here to help you find your way!

As a loyal customer, just keep log in with your credentials  use your existing credentials, the new experience we propose is easy. We have included some tutorials to help you find your way around the interface, if needed. As always, you can search and buy your glazing product by typing the car reference or the product reference. And you can keep accessing all the features you have already experienced (list examples of features).

If you are a new customer, you will need credentials to connect. Just contact us and we will provide you an account shortly!

Your business matters

This new website is only the beginning of our new journey to help you grow your business. We plan to deliver more content, promotions, features and enrich our catalogue with glazing products and accessories on the coming weeks.
We are renewing ourselves to better serve you because your business matters!