As a car windscreen specialist, you know that it is not always necessary to replace the windscreen. Sometimes it is only necessary to repair the crack, chip or scratch.

Therefore, at Sekurit Service and our one-stop-shop approach, we can also provide you with all the auto glass repair tools and equipment you need to carry out the repair job. We offer you solutions that are safe, fast and efficient, using the latest technology on the market!

We understand the important role a car windscreen plays on the integrity and safety of the vehicle for the driver and passengers. At Sekurit Service, we offer you the best products and solutions on the market to ensure that you maintain the highest level of safety for your customers while helping you get the car back on the road as quickly as possible.

Plastic headlights of cars tend to lose their initial brightness after a few years and become hazy/faded. This degradation is caused by various factors such as environmental conditions, sunlight exposure, road debris, etc. Eventually, the light beam is degraded and visibility and sight at night are at stake! With our headlight repair kit, you can restore damaged headlights to their original condition in just a few steps, as it contains all the necessary tools, abrasives and polishing products for the job.